FSAddon – Avro Anson


The Warbird simming fans really are in luck these days, and in some cases there are multiple options for the same aircraft model. Take the Avro Anson for example, a machine operated by various Commonwealth forces. A2A released one awhile back and now there’s the FSAddon rendition for FSX and P3D. Check it out at fspilotshop and take her for a spin. There’s even an RNZAF livery included, just not sure if it’s the one thats actually flying real-life in NZ after a recent restoration.

At the start of the Second World War, there were 26 RAF squadrons operating the Anson I: 10 with Coastal Command and 16 with Bomber Command. However, by this time, it was obsolete in the roles of bombing and coastal patrol and was being superseded by the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley and Lockheed Hudson…. In its lifetime the Anson served with the RAF, the Canadian RCAF and Navy, The New Zealand RNZAF, as AT-20 in the USAAF. A few ended up in the Egyptian Air Force and others at the Royal Afghan Air Force ater 1948.There were many more civilian operators after the war and the Anson was made well into 1952.

Wilco Tecnam P2006T released


Wilco have just published a decent looking rendition of the Tecnam P2006T light twin. With a few of these about in the Pacific, and likely to appear in Aero Club and training companies in the region over time, this would be a nice machine to pickup for local simmers…

Wilco Publishing announce a new title in the HiFi Simulations series : the P2006T by Tecnam. The P2006T is a modern 4-seats light twin-engine aircraft.  It is an excellent trainer for twin engined aircraft as used by real life aircraft training companies.  It is stable and provides superb all-round vision with the wing-high configuration.The P2006T features STOL and rough runway operation capabilities.

see the Product Page



Interesting release a week or so back by Flysimware of a NZ designed and built lightweight, single-seater helicopter for FSX and P3D. Modelling detail looks decent and the textures are fairly good but could do with a lick and polish I reckon. Haven’t splashed out on this myself but would love to hear from anyone who has. Looks like a fun machine…

The Mosquito is one of the worlds lightest manned Helicopter that has been designed and developed over the last 10 years to deliver performance, reliability and ease of flight. Flying the Mosquito will have you hooked right away and the visibility as good as a bird. Flysimware’s model was designed to mimic a real Moquito XE. We have included all standard gauges and features with a few upgrades. All moving parts are fully animated to mimic real world operations including a custom code for an accurate swashplate effect and a high quality bones animated pilot. Make room in your private hanger as this model will give you many years of enjoyment and helicopter knowledge.

Check out the SimMarket product page if your interested.

FTX AU AI Traffic V4.22 for P3D V2


As announced by Graham Eccleston in an Orbx forum post last week his team have released an update for the AU/NZ AI pack with a bunch of P3D v2 compatibility improvements..

Here is a small update to the FTX AU AI traffic pack for Prepar3D V2. This update is limited to a cleanup script to delete the temporary files included in the earlier versions of this pack to cater for the issues with the HTAI Cessna aircraft in P3D V2. It also includes updates to the Control Panel plus the User Guide to be consistent with the changes contained in this patch. There is no new content included in this update and it is now in line with the most recent FTX AU AI Traffic pack released for FSX

RAZBAM Fairchild Metroliner discounted


RAZBAM have discounted their excellent rendition of the Fairchild Metroliner (FSX & P3D) to $20 usd. At this price it really is a bargain, a number of included and 3rd party Kiwi / Aussie liveries available as well. This machine seen more commonly in Australia these days but also operating in NZ on overnight postal duties and as an air ambulance. At this price you’d be crazy not to grab it if your a fan of retro turbo props

The Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner or the Fairchild Aerospace Metro is a 19-seat, pressurised,  twin turboprop airliner first produced by Swearingen Aircraft and later by Fairchild at a plant in San Antonio, Texas, United States. The Metroliner was an evolution of the Swearingen Merlin turboprop-powered business aircraft. Ed Swearingen, a Texas fixed base operator (FBO), started the developments that led to the Metro through gradual modifications to the Beechcraft Twin Bonanza and Queen Air business aircraft, aircraft he dubbed Excalibur.

see the RAZBAM store for details

SimFlight Review of MILVIZ – BOEING 737-200C


Whadya mean you haven’t bought a 737-100/200 series for your FSX sim yet? With two excellent models on offer from CaptainSim and Milviz there’s no excuse. You better check out the following review by Rick Desjardins of the Milviz offering just in case you’re still sitting on the fence. NZ and Oz liveries as operated real world are available for both:

The B-737-200c model depicted in this package is a highly detailed replica of its real-life counterpart. The model was created by using high quality digital photos, plans sourced directly from Boeing and many, many countless hours of testing, revising and testing again… I thoroughly enjoyed flying the Milviz 737-200c and highly recommend it. I felt that the overall look and feel of the aircraft were realistic and that the developers found a good balance between complexity and usability making it a great fit for every level of pilot, and also very importantly lots of fun to fly.

read the full review here

VirtuaCol Saab 340/2000 release


If you’re a fan of turbo-prop airliners and running FSX you will no doubt be missing the Saab 340 options of old under FS9/2004, especially given the history of operations in NZ and current usage in Australia with Rex and the like. Although there are the FFS and FFG options the payware FFS model doesn’t work in FSX and neither vendor are around these days for updates or support. Razbam are supposedly working on a new model which will be great when its released but in the mean time you might want to look at the payware release from VirtualCol this week. This colombian outfit have a number of products in this sort of sector, and to be fair they are at an entry level fidelity, we’re not talking PMDG sort of quality here. The price is set to suit though and I picked up this release from them earlier in the week and am pretty happy. Check out the screenies for yourself, hopefully I’ll do a detailed release some time soon…

see the VirtuaCol product page

Iris Pro Training Series Pilatus PC-9/A


Any RAAF fans, and anyone hoping RNZAF would find a decent budget, must be looking forward to grabbing a copy of IRIS’s release last week of their updated for realism Pilatus PC9. A fabulous looking machine and will handle like its on rails if their previous PC9 release. Sold as separate FSX and P3D releases.

Our vision with the IRIS Pro Training Series – Pilatus PC-9/A was to create a desktop simulation product which could potentially be used as a real-world training aid. With access to an abundance of public information, we’ve been able to realise this vision and produce our most complex and rewarding product to date.

See the new listing at SimMarket and the official IRIS product page

Diamond DA40 released by Alabeo


Yet another drop dead gorgeous release from the Alabaeo guys, this time the single-engined Diamond DA40. Popular with private GA owners and training companies around the world, there are a few of these on the Pacific registers so repaint options abound. I never tired of these Alabeo releases, or the Carenado stuff for that matter. Sure sometimes they cop some flack for candy over systems trade-offs but they just look so darned good its hard to criticise.

Features: Vision Microsystems VM 1000 Engine Instrument, Superb material shines and reflections, Volumetric side view prop effect, Gauges reflections, Windows scratches and Blades shines, High quality 3D model and textures, Blank texture for creating your own designs, Realistic behavior

Checkout the Alabeo product page for more info