Looking for other blogs, websites, resources related to simming or real-world aviation in the Pacific? Take a looksie at the following…

MRCAviationMRC Aviation


Mike Condon’s blog is a regularly updated and informative blog about goings on at airfields around New Zealand, covering commercial interests, airlines, aircraft movements and history. A regular visit for me.

3rdLevelNZ3rd Level NZ


This blog started off by focussing on NZ’s smaller 3rd level airlines, past and present. It has evolved to trying to present some record of NZ’s domestic airline operations and some of the larger charter operators, interesting NZ international airliner movements and photos I have taken around the country. Comments, corrections or contributions are welcome, Steve – westland831@gmail.com

DesktopPilotDesktop Pilot


I have been flying in FSX for about 9 month now, it is the only way I can pilot as I am not allowed a pilots license health reasons. I have always been interested in aviation but it has only been in my later years that it has became a hobby of mine and really enjoy it. I have created this site to bring news and other events and new updates in both Aviation and Flight Simulation –  Brendon Toogood