PMDG 777 review and interview with Rob Randazzo


I know I know, it’s not like we’ve had a shortage of reviews and accolades for the PMDG 777, but this review has a twist in that it wraps up with a brief interview with Rob Randazzo..

Waiting for Service Pack 1 for the PMDG 777-200LR/F took longer than anyone, including PMDG themselves, expected. But now that it’s finally there, and I’ve had a chance to test it, let’s take a new look at the product in question… When you finish the review itself, keep on reading! Robert S. Randazzo, the CEO of PMDG, has taken some time out of his schedule to answer some questions. The answers he provided are very interesting, and are added to the bottom of this review in the form of a short interview for the readers enjoyment.

RAZBAM metro-liner review at Aerosoft


Tyler Walter has published a review of the RAZBAM Metroliner over at Aerosoft this week. If you haven’t bought this machine yet you should take a squiz at this review, its positive in almost all respects, and the machine is well represented in real-world in the Pacific… go on, you know you want to..

The Metroliner is much bigger then the Cessna C172, but it flies so easily. You can expect it already; all the flight phases including the landing where a success and while I’m taxing back to the ramp, I can look back to a great aircraft. Great in modeling, a gorgeous virtual cockpit and I think, realistic flight characteristics. Well done RAZBAM! This plane is well simulated, and would function well in my opinion in both of the categories of transition aircraft from general aviation to passenger liner, and good domestic airliner rather like the Dash Q400. I would say that this is a good stepping-stone from general aviation to full commercial airliners.

Review: A2A Piper Cherokee


You can never have enough reviews of payware aircraft especially when they’re of models that are detailed, sophisticated, and as a result a little pricier than the average garden publication. Anything from a vendor like A2A however is a safe bet, it’s just a matter of how much pocket money you have. Nice review here this week then of their Piper Cherokee

It is hard to sum up this gem in few words but I can say that it is an experience to fly, fun and forgiving. A2A has carved out a niche in the high demanding flight sim world and the A2A Cherokee is a sure hit. The plane is easy on the frames (I averaged 30fps) and is certainly easy on the eyes. With a price of $49.99 US it is a great plane for the price. From budding aviator to armchair pilot, this plane has a lot to offer as well a giving an inside taste of getting the real aircraft off the ground and maintaining it’s day to day operations.

see: Review Page

Review: AusScene’s Sydney airport

ausc0509 published a Bill Stack review this week of AusScene’s upgrade to their Sydney airport for FSX. There’s a fair amount of review content here and lots of screenshots and Bill ends up summing up with a fairly positive response to this update. We are sadly lacking a detailed YSSY and have been for some time so anything is welcome really, but the reader would do well to take a look at the screenshot comparison Bill provides and note that the improvements seem to be very minor. Also worth considering is the upcoming project from FlyTampa which will be more expensive of course, but also a heck of a lot more detailed.

read the review here.