Review: A2A Piper Cherokee


You can never have enough reviews of payware aircraft especially when they’re of models that are detailed, sophisticated, and as a result a little pricier than the average garden publication. Anything from a vendor like A2A however is a safe bet, it’s just a matter of how much pocket money you have. Nice review here this week then of their Piper Cherokee

It is hard to sum up this gem in few words but I can say that it is an experience to fly, fun and forgiving. A2A has carved out a niche in the high demanding flight sim world and the A2A Cherokee is a sure hit. The plane is easy on the frames (I averaged 30fps) and is certainly easy on the eyes. With a price of $49.99 US it is a great plane for the price. From budding aviator to armchair pilot, this plane has a lot to offer as well a giving an inside taste of getting the real aircraft off the ground and maintaining it’s day to day operations.

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