Pacific Islands Simulation: Nagasaki airport


The Pacific Islands Simulation guys have been hard at it lately, some real top notch releases and at a very reasonable price. Latest announcement is a new Japanese airport in the shape of Nagasaki. This one is definitely a long-haul option for Pacific simmers, and with a decent level of pay-ware either out or in the works for Japan it makes for a great simming base for a few legs. Check out the screenies and follow the action in the Pac Sim forums…

Folks, we are near the tail end of development and here’s just one shot from afar showing progress work. Note that once we complete RJFU, we will start work on the adjacent Omura (OMJ) airport. OMJ is by design, and from history, part of RJFU and was (and still is) in use before RJFU was built in 1975. In FSX, Omura is part of RJFU and has ATC services from RJFU. Runways 14/32 (RJFU) and 36/18 (OMJ) are serviced from RJFU tower. There is no ICAO code listing for Omura within FSX so don’t bother checking. In real life, Omura is currently used primarily by the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force helicopter squadro


Godzone FSX Hawke’s Bay preview


If you haven’t caught wind of Robin Corn’s awesome new project get on over to his website and check it out. Basically its a subscription based release of photo scenery + placed autogen for various parts of New Zealand. The initial release was for some south-central South Island and now there’s some preview shots following of his next region, Hawkes Bay, in the North Island. Looks fabulous…

Here’s some shots around Hawke’s Bay with FTX Oceania active, but with ‘use Orbx trees’ unticked. This gives a better appearance of the vegetation within the photoscenery area, while retaining Orbx vegetation outside the area. For those who have VLC installed, it will show the proper NZ bush textures, as well. I’m about half-way through the autogen placement for the first part of this scenery, and it really is looking nice…

JustFlight announce Series 50-70 DC8


Air New Zealand simmers rejoice !! it was probably inevitable that JF would extend their recent DC8 release to include the series 50 variant as operated by Air New Zealand in the 60s, but now it’s official. Some work-in-progress shots are shown on their product page here and no doubt the repainters will get stuck in once it’s released…

This forthcoming DC-8 Jetliner collection for FSX features the later models of the DC-8 series that featured stretched fuselages, cockpit upgrades and eventually modern CFM turbofan engines. The models feature variations in the cockpits ranging from analogue ‘steam’ gauges to the more modern ‘glass’ instrumentation and come with distinctive custom sounds, authentic livery sets and different flight models for each variant.


Majestic Dash8/Q400 update


As reported on SimFlight last week the Majestic Dash8/Q400 has had a maintenance release to v1.1. Lots of updates to consider if you’re looking to do some regional turboprop work ,maybe emulating the QantasLink stuff in Australia. Changes include..

New simplified scripting format is introduced, Glideslope and DME receivers will add accuracy by using the newly added by Navigraph Glideslope and DME antenna data, Numerous performance related fixes, FMS airway listing and procedure joining fixes, Improved compatibility with multiplayer by using the standard lights assignments for taxi/landing/nav light

See the SimFlight post here.

Adelaide International X v2.0 (YPAD) for FSX/P3D


AusScene have released an update for their Scenery addon for Adelaide Airport. Looks pretty tasty and a healthy list of changes in v2. For anyone in Oz or those doing trans-tasman legs this is another nice payware destination

Version 2.0 Now On Offer which includes these updates and improvements:

Redesigned detailed Terminal, Redesigned detailed Aerobridges, High Resolution textures for the Terminal and erobridges, Animated Runway Guard Lights, New VAS Friendly Option, PAPI (RW23 and RW05) accurate representation, Adjusted PAPI RW12 and RW30, Added displaced threshold RW05, Adjusted taxiway light size, Tower view changed to new tower, Various improved textures, Optimised VAS Performance, Adjusted Taxiway Signs, Updated AFCAD

see the product page at PCAviator

Ayers Rock X from Aerosoft


Simmers in Australia really are spoilt for choice these days. Most of the major airports have payware scenery coverage, much of it to a very high commercial quality. Now Ayers Rock has a second option with this lovely looking payware release from Aerosoft for FSX and P3D. At this price ($13us) I’m going in …

Fly to Australia`s most recognizable natural landmark, the large sandstone rock formation also known as Ayers Rock or Uluru. You can land at Connellan Airport (IATA: AYQ, ICAO: YAYE) a neat airport suitable for jets up to the Boeing 737-800. It handles around 300.000 passengers a year which mainly stay at the “city” of Ulara also featured in this scenery.

see the product page for details

PMDG 777-300ER released


Well the wait is finally over and thousands of wannabe virtual 777 pilots around the globe all collectively breathed a sigh of relief last night and reached for their credit-cards. The much anticipated  300ER variant of PMDGs amazing 777 model for FSX has been released. Not much to say as we all know the level of quality and realism to expect from these guys. All I have to do now is start saving…

PMDG extends the PMDG 777 series with the PMDG 777-300ER!  The ultimate simulation of the Boeing’s incredibly long, Long Hauler is finally here! Experience an airliner simulation unlike any in the history of simulation with this feature rich and magnificently detailed simulation of the Boeing 777-300ER. Packed with detail, authenticity and a plethora of options to keep you learning and experiencing new avenues of flight simulation flying.

See the Official PMDG page

Iris Pro Training Series Pilatus PC-9/A


Any RAAF fans, and anyone hoping RNZAF would find a decent budget, must be looking forward to grabbing a copy of IRIS’s release last week of their updated for realism Pilatus PC9. A fabulous looking machine and will handle like its on rails if their previous PC9 release. Sold as separate FSX and P3D releases.

Our vision with the IRIS Pro Training Series – Pilatus PC-9/A was to create a desktop simulation product which could potentially be used as a real-world training aid. With access to an abundance of public information, we’ve been able to realise this vision and produce our most complex and rewarding product to date.

See the new listing at SimMarket and the official IRIS product page

X-Plane now available via Steam


As first seen by me at SimStop this week we see X-Plane is now available via Steam. This is a sensible move from the Laminar guys, the product has always been up against the popularity of the MS franchise and anything that gets X-Plane in front of new eye-balls is a good thing. Be interesting to see how DLC will work and if other 3rd party tools will continue to work with the Steam delivered version.

X-Plane 10, the modern 64-bit desktop flight simulator from Laminar Research, creators of the X-Plane franchise, has made its debut as a digital download on the popular Steam platform. On the first day of its release X-Plane skyrocketed to the number seven spot on the Top-Seller list in Steams USA store and to number five in the German Steam store. X-Plane 10 was recently green-lighted by Steam and also received top-ratings when voted on by Steam users for consideration for inclusion in their product offerings.

see the Simstop article

Flight Replicas DeHavilland DH 114 Heron


A lovely 1950’s retro airliner released this week by Flight Replicas in the shape of the Flight Replicas DeHavilland DH 114 Heron. This machine has connections in NZ Australia having been operated by NAC and others, only one local repaint but surely others on the way from 3rd parties…

Discover the qualities of one of the iconic airliners of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. With a full passenger cabin, you can experience not only the challenging role of the pilot at the front, but also sit back in one of the 14 passenger seats and enjoy the views out of the large windows as the world goes by. And being a purposely-built rugged design, you are not confined to just large sophisticated airports but can also take your passengers and cargo to and from out-of-the-way places, sometimes (e.g. Barra, Scotland) with no runway at all!

see: Flight Replicas page