QualityWings Status Update (3Q2014)


QualityWings have posted a newsy update on their Facebook page to let everyone know what’s happening on their two highly anticipated projects under way at present. The 787 and their 737 Class (courtesy of the Enigma team joining them). As an AirNZ fan I’m super excited about both these models. The 787 given its just entered service in New Zealand (and with Jetstar in Aussie) but also as the Classic has been operated on both sides of the Tasman for so long and this model looks like its gonna beat the pants of the only other payware level competition from FeelThere/Wilco.

We hope you all have enjoyed your last few months as much as we have. Summertime is a great time to spend with your families and friends, and we are no different here. As the season starts to change for most of us here at QualityWings from the summer to the fall and as we exit this 3rd quarter…it’s time to provide our update on all things QualityWings.

Boeing 787 takes to the skies


As reported by Mike Condon the first Air New Zealand 787-900 has begun promotional and proving rounds at various airfields now that it’s finally resident here in country. Mike has a bunch of great photos on his blog post here

Air New Zealand’s recently acquired Boeing 787-9 ZK-NZE has taken to the skies again, this time making its first visit to another New Zealand airport – RNZAF Base Ohakea!  The distinctive black machine departed from Auckland on the afternoon of 28 July for the journey south to Ohakea

Boeing 787 demo at Farnborough


Boeing have ruffled a few feathers so to speak at the Farnborough International Air-show this week performing some truly impressive manoeuvres in pre-show rehearsals that resulted in the show organisers blocking other operators from performing touch-n-go’s. Check out this amazing demonstration in this video coz chances are you won’t be seeing this in real life any time soon

In anticipation of the 2014 Farnborough International Airshow, Boeing’s crew took their 787-9 out for a spin. Their rehearsal of the flight programme for the show gives us a chance to check out the show before the show.

No Engine, No Problem (787 video)


Nice short mini doco here at Boeing.com on the Engine Out testing being performed on the 787-900.

In this testing, air crews intentionally force the airplane to take off with significantly reduced engine thrust. “We do the testing to simulate a take off where if an engine were to fail… we provide the speeds for the line pilots so that they can safely either continue to take off or reject the takeoff,” said 787-9 Senior Project Pilot Mike Bryan.

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Boeing puts 787-9 Brakes to the Test

Very interesting video here direct from Boeing as they complete the Brake testing of the new 787-900. Amazing to see how far they push things, you expect this given the obvious safety implications of something going wrong with the braking system, but wow they really do test things to the limit. Wasn’t aware that the tires had an auto-deflate mechanism built in during over-temp conditions, you see a demo of this near the end of the video.