Project Airbus A32X sharklet preview


Stian from the Project Airbus team has posted an update and some pics of the new sharklet fitted models from them for the entire range of narrow body Airbus. No doubt any Pacific repaints will be adaptable with a tweak for the winglets themselves. Be interesting to see. More info and pics in the form post here

Here is a sneakpeak of an update for the A32X series.. And yes.. The whole series will have sharklets. From A318 to A321. More previews will come in this topic! First out is two A321’s.. Still WIP. Dont ask for release date!

FSLabs A320 Beta Test Applications


An Airbus fan with a little time on your hands? You might wanna get on over to FSLabs and put in an application for their Beta test team, looks like its gonna be a great product assuming they ship it before everyone’s already bought from the competition?

It’s hard to believe that it’s now been a good four years since we started developing our A320-X for Flight Simulator – time flies! Every day that goes by, every time we check a new piece of code into our source control system, every new piece of 3d modeling that fits into place, we are a tiny step closer to finally giving you the fruits of our labor, so you can also enjoy what we believe will bring flight simulation to a new level. For that to happen, though, we need your assistance – you’ve been consistently asking for this and we believe that we are now at the point in development where it’s necessary to expand our beta test team.

see the forum post

VOZ repaint for Aerosoft A320


Repaint of the Aerosoft A320 released at Avsim today by Alex from First Class Repaints in the livery of Virgin Australia. I didn’t realise VOZ operated the 320 so will definately be taking this bad boy for a spin. Looks quite nice on the airframe. (filename:

This is a repaint for the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended in Virgin Australia Colours (VH-YUD). Textures only for the payware aircraft. Readme Included. By First Class Repaints

Sharklets for the Project Airbus A32x


Good news for Bus fans, and especially for those who don’t fancy forking out for a payware model. Project airbus have released some work in progress shots of their A32X series complete with winglets/sharklets (ala some of the Jetstar and AirNZ models)

Here is a sneakpeak of an update for the A32X series.. And yes.. The whole series will have sharklets. From A318 to A321 More previews will come in this topic! First out is two A321’s.. Still WIP


A320 NEO options for flightsim


Given the NEO has only recently rolled out the hangar door it’s pretty cool to think we can already fly a simulated version right now. There are two options available to the simmer at present, no doubt these will receive service packs over time once the real world performance figures and cosmetic details settle in as the aircraft approaches delivery and enters service with clients. All of these are running a CFM56 engine but the initial production release of the NEO appears to be a P&W powered machine so re-engining is on the cards too.

The other players potentially with NEOs in the works I assume will be Blackbox Simulations and their AirbusXtreme and the FlightSimLabs A320 which has yet to see the light of day but promises to be nicely done given their track record.

Airbus’ first A320neo reaches completion


Good news for Airbus PR wise (despite the recent A350 cancellations) as the first NEO rolls out the hangar door. Looks like the machine is set to start test flights in September. Air New Zealand recently announced an order for 13 new NEOs which will be serving on trans-Tasman routes so we’ll see them soon enough down-under as well.

The assembly of Airbus’ first A320neo has been completed following painting of the aircraft and the mounting of Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM engines. MSN6101, which will be the first A320neo to fly, will soon start its ground tests to prepare for first flight

see the Airbus press release

iOS A321 Gauge By PositionGames


Interesting looking new iOS app from Position Games here. Imagine it’s quite usable as a general Airbus gauge set and probably across various Sim models. You need a free client installed that I guess works with SimConnect to make the actual calls to the Sim. Be an interesting way to monitor your long haul flights from somewhere else in the house :)

more info at the Apple Store: