SimFlight Review of MILVIZ – BOEING 737-200C


Whadya mean you haven’t bought a 737-100/200 series for your FSX sim yet? With two excellent models on offer from CaptainSim and Milviz there’s no excuse. You better check out the following review by Rick Desjardins of the Milviz offering just in case you’re still sitting on the fence. NZ and Oz liveries as operated real world are available for both:

The B-737-200c model depicted in this package is a highly detailed replica of its real-life counterpart. The model was created by using high quality digital photos, plans sourced directly from Boeing and many, many countless hours of testing, revising and testing again… I thoroughly enjoyed flying the Milviz 737-200c and highly recommend it. I felt that the overall look and feel of the aircraft were realistic and that the developers found a good balance between complexity and usability making it a great fit for every level of pilot, and also very importantly lots of fun to fly.

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