180 degree display from TRC


Oh … Yes …. what we wouldn’t give for one of these in our home sim-pit huh? As reported at SimFlight on Tuesday…

In a newsletter sent to subscribers today, Dutch hardware manufacturers TRC Simulators, developers of the popular “Simkits” range,  have announced that they will be attending this year’s FS Weekend at Lelystad in the Netherlands not only with their TRC 472FG Flight System, but also the new 180-degree display system pictured above.

Airline2Sim Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Cadet Training


Wow, what’s not to like about this deal. 50% off the Airline2Sim HD video training for the Majestic Dash8 400. You’ll need a decent bandwidth cap to suck the 12GB of files down-under but I’m sure it’s worthwhile. Has had some good reviews, and for anyone who likes to fly the QantasLink Dash8 routes this must be compulsory viewing surely. All I need to do is get around to actually buy the Majestic product itself :)

This package includes over 8 hours of HD video training for the Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400. if you’re serious about learning how to master this stunning aircraft, this is as real as it gets. The developers of these videos put a REAL, rated and current Dash 8 Q400 pilot from a major UK airline into the training pilot seat inside Flight Simulator so you can learn every switch and button inside the flight deck, watch how to fly the aircraft with full airline procedures, checklists and flows, all under instruction from a pilot who flies the Q400 for a living

see sale page at JustFlight

Boeing puts 787-9 Brakes to the Test

Very interesting video here direct from Boeing as they complete the Brake testing of the new 787-900. Amazing to see how far they push things, you expect this given the obvious safety implications of something going wrong with the braking system, but wow they really do test things to the limit. Wasn’t aware that the tires had an auto-deflate mechanism built in during over-temp conditions, you see a demo of this near the end of the video.

Video: VATNZ flight Wellington to Auckland

Excellent video recording by Musical-Aviator of last weekends VATNZ Sunday night flight, in this case his leg from Wellington to Auckland. If you haven’t seen any of his videos before you’re really in for a treat. They’re usually full length of the flight duration and cover pre flight, planning, startup all the way through to shutdown. He’s a stickler for procedure and a clear and easy voice to listen to during the video. Great stuff.