Alabeo PiperSport review at AirDailyX


Kenneth Kerr has published a great review of the Alabeo PiperSport, better known down-under as the Czech Aircraft Works (CZAW) SportCruiser. Lovely looking aircraft and lots of these on the Pacific registers so this is worth a look.

The PiperSport is my kind of aircraft! What I mean by that is this. If I could afford my own aircraft right now, it would be something like this. I sincerely believe that LSA in the USA, and in Canada Advanced ultralights, are the future of General Aviation. Sure, if you intend to take the family across the country then you might still want a Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft or modern day Cirrus, but if all you want to do is have flying fun, the lighter alternatives just cannot be beaten. In my mind LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) is Lovely, Sexy and Alluring!