Real Tonga leasing Chathams Convairs while MA60s out of action


Another real world item via the 3rdLevelNZ blog, this time relating to the dreaded MA60 in Tonga and an interim solution in the form of Chathams aircraft. Might be time to break out Greg Peppers CV580 for some Pacific simming :)

Real Tonga confirmed that the 50-seater Convair arrived in Tongatapu yesterday afternoon from New Zealand, and made its first flight to Vava‘u, where it remained overnight. Real Tonga’s Chief Executive, Tevita Palu said, “we are bringing in the aircraft to provide immediate back-up for our MA60 services between Tongatapu and Vava‘u.


There is a flyable MA60 AI model out there for the Sim but looks a decent payware model is unlikely given how much real world bad press these are getting lately.