CT4 A/B Trainer


PC Aviator Australia have added a bunch more titles to the current extensive sale going on with this new title in particular having a close tie to NZ and Australia. The mighty wee CT4 Airtrainer. I owned the previous FS9 version and also recently picked up the FSX model as available here which includes a general revamp and some new liveries. This is a great wee aircraft and so much fun to fly in the sim. Also be a great multiplayer machine should you fancy doing some formation flying.

The New Zealand CT-4A Airtrainer can trace its ancestry from the Australian Victa Airtourer, designed by Henry Millicer in the 1950s. The Millicer Airtourer, powered by a 65 hp Continental engine, first flew on 31 March 1959, and the production rights were then purchased by Victa Consolidated Industries.

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