JustFlight BAe 146-200/300 for 6 euro!!!


Jeeze, I dont know how they do it, but who really cares if we can buy add-ons at this price huh. Justflight have a deal on for their (well, was built by CLS originally) BAe 146 jet-liner. In years gone by this was a regular fixture on both sides of the Tasman with many of the big operators. Still run by a few charter airlines now but not as common a sight. Get in on this action while the deal still stands, there are Qantas, AirNZ, Ansett and Vincent skins available for it too:

Short haul – high density! With its high T-tail, stubby undercarriage, drooping anhedral wing, four engines and highly distinctive butterfly-style air brakes, you can’t mistake the 146-200/300! The 146 design was originally started by Hawker-Siddeley in the UK in 1973 and production started in 1983. Now Just Flight brings you the superb 146-200 and 146-300 for FSX featuring a highly detailed external model, 21 authentic airline liveries from around the globe, an extremely accurate virtual cockpit (VC) and even a cabin view.

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